Win a Prize for Capturing a Fish

Ph. D. student, Addiel Perez from El Colegio de la Frontera Sur (ECOSUR) in Chetumal, Mexico, is navigating a study to better plot and understand the movements of bonefish in Mexico, Belize. Already having tagged more than 6, 000 bonefish and over 70 permit, he is close to deciphering a possible pre-spawning site that may include bonefish from Belize and Mexico. Even though he and those with him have impressive results, they request that anyone who captures a tagged bonefish to record the tag number, take a photo, document the date and location (be specific), measure the length of the fish from nose to fork and report the capture. Each tag has contact information. You may report your info at their website at

Info from this study will be presented by BTT in their November Symposium.