Catch-A-Lure: Turn your Fly Rod into a Fly Retriever

Nothing spoils the magic of fly fishing like getting hung up a in the tangled limbs of a fish hiding mangrove tree. Insult is added to injury when it results in the loss of a fly that you do not have a replacement for in your fly box. It happens to us all. And for most of us it happens too often and at the worst time.

Enter, Catch-A-Lure to the rescue. Catch-A-Lure was invented by a lifelong fisherman from Eastern Pennsylvania. Like every other fly fisherman casting on Keystone State stream, he noticing wherever he fished in streams, rivers, or any body of water that there were always fishing lures hanging up in the tree branches, bushes and even in an occasional dock. His flies and lures, usually new and quite valuable, were also an eyesore to the estuaries’ environments.

The Catch-A-Lure is a nifty, compact device that enables fly fishermen to quickly recover otherwise lost flies which can really take a bite out of your casting time. Catch-A-Lure easily attaches and detaches from rod tip. Catch-A-Lure uses the length of your fly rod to reach flies in trees, bushes or other situations. Placed against the obstruction holding your fly, all you have to do is pull downward to auto-cut monofilament to free your fly. It cuts away leaves and could not be more simple or easy to use.

Catch-A-Lure is made out of a tough high-grade polymer plastic. Heavy-duty magnets attract steel hooks and bind them to the side.  It stores easily in a fishing vest as well as sticks to vest metal ring or lanyard for fast access. Catch-A-Lure also doubles as a fast cutting tippet tool. It is a new tool and a must-have for the avid fisherman beginner to expert. Additionally, Catch-A-Lure reduces a carbon footprint to our precious fly fishing environments.