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SSFF Issue 2 June 2017

SSFF Issue 2 June 2017


Southern Saltwater Fly Fishing Magazine Issue 2 is out!!

CLOSE LOOK: South Carolina Lowcountry




Wading for Beaufort Redfish

Getting into the water on the grass flats is the secret to some great warm-weather action for Low Country Redfish!  

By Captain John Gribb

There aren't many more beautiful or exciting sights in salt water fly fishing than wiggling tails glistening in the sunlight.   Summer in South Carolina’s Low Country is when our redfish, with their flashing spotted tails, roam high-tide, hard-bottomed flats chasing fiddler crabs. 

Boat fishermen generally focus on the lower portions of the tide, when spottails congregate around low tide flats. That is because rising-tide redfish spread out and are harder to find in deeper water.  But chasing them on foot in the shallow water of high-tide flats, a technique that boomed in popularity in the past few years, is effective.   CLICK HERE FOR MORE



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